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Sharing Our Experience with You

With numerous years of practical experience, GPS team members are internationally sought-after experts in all matters relating to personal protection. We advise and train members of the FBI and police forces.

GPS offers professional training courses, training and seminars for police, military, security services, security personnel and private individuals. In addition, we teach the latest techniques in specialized training, such as reconnaissance, observation, close combat (armed/unarmed), first aid and combat shooting, which we organize exclusively for security professionals. We also offer seminars and individual coaching in the elimination of danger, self-defense, and post-traumatic stress management. All specialized courses, training and seminars are customized based on the number of participants and expertise. We offer both individual and group courses.

To learn more about our extensive training and seminar offerings or email us 
or call +1-323 541 7090. 

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Interested in working In the security industry? 

We can educate you to become a certified bodyguard. Our training managers and educators are equipped with extensive practical experience and excellent knowledge in all respective fields. This guarantees a practical training at the highest level in all areas. Contact us if you are interested in training to become a personal protective security. We will provide information about the requirements, content, duration and cost of training.

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