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GPS is a certified contractor of the 
United States Federal Government.

si vis pacem, para bellum

The Team of Global Protection Shield

Our international team of specialists operates worldwide. We also take care of missions that are too dangerous for conventional security personnel and tasks of the personal protection. All team members have additional qualifications, competent foreign language skills and always fulfill their missions discreetly and professionally. Get to know the GPS team:

North America

Colonel Ret. Dr. Ray Striler

Former Green Beret and Special Forces Member, President and Co-Founder of Global Protection Shield, is responsible for the strategic planning of missions. Specialties: strategic planning, observation, espionage, intelligence, psychological training.

H. Binek

Managing Director and Co-Founder of Global Protection Shield, is responsible for 
management, planning and conduct of 
operations. Specialties: strategic planning, close quarter combat, intelligence and counterintelligence, disaster management, medical care.

S. Golby

Specialties: surveillance and counter surveillance, armorer, rifle and hand-gun instructor, tactical and evasive driving, strategic planning.

Dr. R. Horowitz 

Medical Director. Oversees all EMS and rescue missions.


Europe and Middle East

C. Lochner

Director German Office

All-terrain operations, rescues, firearms, CQC, Instructor for combat operations.


P. Davidson

Surveillance and counter surveillance; firearms; Intelligence operations and executive protection.

K. Martin

Areas of expertise: technical defense, firearms, armored vehicles, K-9 handler, object protection in hazardous areas.

P. Fegg

Deputy Director Medical Services. Areas of expertise:

air evacuation specialist for extreme rescue missions, paramedic instructor, defensive driving, rifle marksman, high altitude mountaineering specialist.




T. Burns

Specialties: vehicle and transport, armored and unarmored vehicles, training of professional drivers, close combat, firearms.

South America

O. Couto 

Specialties: personal protection, includes close quarter combat, education and training, espionage, observations.



B. Curschmann

Director Africa Office

Specialties: vehicle and transport, documentation, technical surveillance and CSI.

K. Gizanowski

Specialties: EMS, Executive protection including transport, All-terrain rescue training.


Global Protection Shield Africa
9 Arizona St, Walvis Bay
P.O. Box 4405, Walvis Bay
Phone: +264 81 122 7717

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