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GPS is a certified contractor of the 
United States Federal Government.

In the Best Company

For years, Global Protection Shield has successfully protected a variety of persons in politics, business and the entertainment industry. International corporations, the FBI, and German police trust our competence. We serve national and international protection projects. All client information is kept confidential.

As different as the individual missions are, our clients have one thing in common: the need for our professionalism. GPS is founded on our expertise in prediction and prevention of violence and threats. We take great pride in this.


“Hermann Binek and his team at Global Protection Shield offered the finest level of service. He was referred by several high profile executives, who follow him with blind trust. With Global Protection Shield, we were pioneers in taking a major television production to El Salvador.  After a successful mission, I too would follow Hermann’s team with blind trust.”
Justin Smith, Executive in Charge 

“GPS is a company with integrity and professionalism. Their agents are truly specialists in personnel protection with empathy and vision. In the mission, they eliminated the planned attack/assault with discrete professionalism to protect the company's image.”
CEO of international company 

“GPS analyzed and elaborated the risk level and advised me to have a GPS agent with me. Walking in a market of Dhaka, after sealing some business deals, a man suddenly tried to hit me with a bamboo cane, which hit my backpack. Before the attacker could hit me with the machete in his hand, the GPS agent had already disarmed him and pushed me on a route to escape the rest of the angry mob.” 
Business trip to Bangladesh 

“During a drive in the county side, my wife got sick with food poisoning. Our security administered more than basic first aid help. They gave her on IV and organized the best way to fly us back to the States to get the best medical support. Until that point I was not aware how important it was that all the guys at GPS are medics. 
Thank you guys for your great work.” 

American businessman on trip to India 

“GPS created a security concept which prevented any attempts on my life and assets. Further more, they identified a plot which led to the capture of potential thieves.” 
Jewelry wholesaler, California 

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