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Your Safety is Our Concern

You can rely on the experience of our experts when it comes to the protection of your life and assets in high-risk situations. GPS offers professional solutions for your personal safety, for both your private and business trips, including public appearances. Even for the most difficult missions deemed too risky for the standard security personnel (such as combat missions, assassinations, war zones), GPS is your competent partner. We also use our own paramedics to supplement global rescue missions and provide intelligence investigations.

Creation of Security Concepts

Country-specific risk advice for travelers, providing operational intelligence and specific risk assessments.

TV and Film Production Safety Management 

Our extensive experience in film and TV production makes GPS the leader in production security. We received an Honorary Emmy Award for security management.

Worldwide Personal Protection

International team of specialists with experience in personal protection for government officials, public interest people and business leaders.

Travel Guardians

Specialized escort services for at-risk youth and adolescent clients, experienced team to accompany the client to and from the chosen facility. 

Search and Rescue Missions

Global rescue missions with K-9 handlers and helicopter support, medical mobile travel services, kidnapping and ransom missions. 

GPS Medical Teams

GPS medic and rescue teams are international leading specialists in the provision of medical services and rescue missions around the globe.

Combating Wildlife Crime

GPS educates communities about the value of wildlife and how it affects them and their resources. In addition,  we are proud to have the capacity to provide enforcement field support.

Training and Seminars

Training to become a bodyguard. Close quarter combat and weapons training for security personnel, professional psychology, emergency medical care, psychological counseling for post-traumatic stress.

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