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GPS is a certified contractor of the 
United States Federal Government.

Mission experience is essential

Global Protection Shield was founded in 1997 as special personal protection group for extreme high-risk operations and certified according to the strict German "guidelines for protection of persons" by the State of Bavaria.

The company was originally founded to provide specialized bodyguards for situations in which the security detail had already been attacked. These situations resulted in unusually high-risk levels, which conventional personal security staff could not manage.

Today, the GPS alliance includes a select number of experienced specialists successfully performing operations in Europe, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. All members have a minimum of 10 years experience in close protection and leadership ability. They also have real combat experience as well as experience with live exchange of fire. Each member of the GPS team possesses a license for the carrying of firearms. They are also constantly training in order to remain in peak physical condition. Only practical experience guarantees professional, immediate, and appropriate responses in the event of an emergency. GPS has trained the FBI, police forces, bodyguards, security companies and individuals in all safety-relevant areas.

We design safety concepts that are tailored to your individual needs, then adapted and discreetly executed with the utmost professionalism. Your safety is our highest priority.


Colonel Ret. Dr. Ray Striler

President and Co-Founder 
Global Protection Shield

si vis pacem, para bellum

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