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Personal Protection for Your Service and Mission

One of the most important factors in choosing the right personal protective security is TRUST. In addition to technical skills, the personal protective security must possess intuition and discretion in order to avoid combat situations from the onset. On the other hand, for missions in conflict areas and war zones, the main technique employed is a combination of strategic planning and the use of weapons. We guarantee optimal protection for public officials, persons of public interest and business leaders worldwide.

Our alliance of specialists comprises of a select number of professionals. All members have a minimum of 10 years experience in close protection and leadership ability and have real combat experience. They have experienced live exchange of fire and possess a great knowledge of foreign languages. GPS team members possess numerous additional qualifications in various fields, allowing them to take on the multiple roles, including bodyguard and paramedic, driver, and psychological consultant.


Maximum reliability thanks to experienced personal protective securities 

GPS engages discreet low profile experts who carry out their role with extreme professionalism. Security companies are not normally able to employ high- profile specialists in all areas of protection. We gather an individual group of selected specialists from all over the world to engage in and complete successful missions. We have successfully protected a variety of international business leaders, VIPs and political officials for many years. For events or film and television productions, we create larger teams and individual safety concepts.

Travel Guardians Provide Safe and Secure Transport of Your Loved One

As specialists in the protection segment, GPS offers professional escort services for at-risk youth and adolescent clients.

We understand the difficulty in sending away your loved one, and even more so when it is non-negotiable and the child may be unwilling to cooperate. Choose our experienced team to accompany the client to and from the chosen facility, ensuring a safe and smooth transition process.

Our team is led by Dr. Ray Striler, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Colorado and Rider University, who oversees GPS' transport units, as well as the certification of all GPS team members. Our travel guardians specialize in adolescent psychology and are continually trained in this field. All members are medics and first responders.

Our mission is for the safe and secure transport of your child. Please contact us for more information.

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