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Prevention Is The Best Protection

To ensure an optimal security concept, a detailed hazard risk analysis as well as professional planning of any imminent deployment is required.

Depending on the risk potential, we will develop the best security concept for you - whether it’s protection against kidnapping/ransom/robbery of a business and/or family, or the protection of your partner/child in foreign countries. Our experts discover every vulnerability in the existing system and then advise you in selecting the appropriate personnel and technical equipment.

For your private or business trip, we plan the safest route and, if required, provide advance intelligence services to obtain the required information about your destination. Our worldwide network consists of specialists with many years of experience using insider knowledge to be cognizant of potential danger when travelling in international metropolis, or through war zones and crisis areas.

We customize a team to fit the needs of your trip, including personal protective securities, advocates, interpreters, professional drivers and paramedics. We also take care of logistical tasks, such as the procurement of vehicles or rental of helicopters, to guarantee seamless travel. We leave nothing to a chance because it concerns your safety.


Anticipatory Security Planning 
by Our Experts


The most important prerequisite for professional security planning is the hazard risk analysis. GPS operational specialists will use the results of this security analysis to create a detailed security concept.


Travel Management & Travel Planning 


When traveling abroad in potentially dangerous areas, GPS takes over the complete logistics for transport and escort. We deliver country-specific risk assessments and can organize experienced professional drivers and paramedics.

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