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Anti-Poaching Operations

GPS educates communities about the value of wildlife and how it directly impacts them and their resources. In addition, we are proud to have the capacity to provide enforcement field support. We are able to support all institutional capacities across the southern African region by providing specialized resources and training with locals in order to incorporate them with essential roles within our anti-poaching units. Furthermore, we promote economic investments that create opportunities for villages and families to be self-sufficient and not rely on poaching incomes.

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Specialized Advanced Training


We train anti-poaching squads in specialized combat operations:


  • Military movements and tactics (e.g., force on force training, laser training)

  • Weaponry (basic and advanced shooting techniques)

  • Survival in the bush

  • Tracking

  • Military discipline and obedience

  • K-9 units

  • TCCC (tactical combat casualty care) and EMT training

  • Mounted (horseback) units

  • Communication (technical and non-technical communications)

  • Specialized driving/off-road driving training

  • Leadership skills

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